The End is Near … for the 2017 Earlybird Discount

Don’t miss out on the second phase of our 2017 Earlybird Discount!

You have 12 days left to take advantage of the savings which ends April 1st. Remember all you need to do is submit your registration either online or by mail and pay the $250 deposit which locks in your enrollment and guarantees you receive the $30 Earlybird Discount. You can make payments on the remainder of your balance up to June 1st for the Wisconsin session or up to July 1st for the Kansas session. If you’ve already registered for one of our 2017 summer sessions, thanks very much! Now would be a good time to remind your friends that they should get signed up right away to still get a discount. We will be posting a lot more details of this year’s sessions in April and May, and look forward to seeing everyone this summer!