Happy Holidays

The faculty and staff of the Davidson Scottish Arts Academy would like to extend our best wishes for a wonderful holiday season to our entire clan of students, families, and supporters! While the weather is turning quite cold just now in Delafield and Salina, we are already looking forward to sharing the warmth of each others’ company at camp when summer comes again. Winter is actually the perfect time of year to get a braw fire roaring, a nice cup of cocoa (or a dram for the big kids), and get some serious practice work done!

Registrations are well underway and several returning students are already getting enrolled for the 2017 summer sessions. Don’t forget that if you register and pay your deposit by February 1, you will save a bit more on the earlybird discounts. The Wisconsin session in Delafield and the Kansas session in Salina are officially open with Brian, Willie, and Andrew, serving as the principal faculty and the distinct possibility of adding more instructors as long as enrollment continues to grow. What we ask as a gift to us, other than for you to sign up and let us know you’re coming, is to take a moment and share this opportunity with all your piping and drumming friends via social media, in an email, on the phone, or even in person. It’s quite appropriate at this time of year to say, “the more the merrier.”