Big Earlybird Discount Ends Soon

We want to remind everyone the $60 Earlybird Discount ends soon.

Only those students who have completed the registration form and paid the $250 deposit by February 1st will enjoy this level of savings. Remember that to take advantage of the $60 Earlybird Discount you only need to fill out the form and pay the deposit, and then you can settle the rest of your account at a later date.

Anyone registering and paying the deposit during the months of February and March will still be able to enjoy some savings . The offer changes to a $30 Earlybird Discount until May 1st. Certainly this is a nice wee savings, but why not get yourself the best deal and enroll in the next 12 days to get the bigger discount?

The Delafield and Salina sessions both already have returning students registered and even new ones coming. Head to our registration page and join us!